Good evening;

As summer comes to a close and the nights become a little chilly, let us take a moment to remember the soldiers of the civil war.  I think their view of the changing weather that will end up in winter is perhaps a little different than ours.  We see the colors in the trees and the chance to wear fancy sweaters while they began to wonder where they would be when if first snowed.   Their wool uniforms began to feel good and many of them wished for the return of their overcoats that they left behind in the spring.

We meet monthly and enjoy a good meal; they oftentimes looked forward to a meal of hardtack.  The CSA soldiers probably looked forward without much enthusiasm to “good ole Georgia peas”.

Our program for September was a real winner.  We hope to see you in October for a very good program.


Ed Oeschele (L) and Warren Beach(R) present Craig Symonds

(Center) with a plaque in appreciation of his September talk.

There were 57 members and guests were on hand to welcome back Craig Symonds who gave an excellent talk on his new book, Operation neptune: The ALLIED INVASION OF EUROPE AND THE D-DAY LANDINGS

Eras of Elegance 1750-1920: Highlights from the NCHGS Textile Collection

On November 23, 2014, Northampton County Historical and Genealogical Society will unveil Eras of Elegance 1750-1920: Highlights from NCHGS Textile Collection in the Chrin Gallery at the Sigal Museum.  This dramatic exhibit showcases a wide array of historic clothing and accessories, dating from Colonial times to the Roaring Twenties. Eras of Elegance is the first public showing of such an important regional collection, which has been amassed by the Society for over a century.  Highlights include a rare infant’s corset from the 1750s,  two silk calashes (a type of hood) from the 1770s, a 1790s brocaded silk gown, a gold silk evening gown from the 1830s and several late 19th century bridal gowns worn by fashionable Northampton County ladies, including those of the Bixler family.  Downton Abbey fans will love the lace gowns and summer dresses from the early years of the last century and the beaded and chiffon flapper dresses of the 1920s.

This exhibit is scheduled to run till autumn of 2015.