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Membership for our 41st Campaign Year (September 2018 through August 2019) is currently being accepted.

You may sign up by paying the dues listed in the table to the right. Payment of your dues entitles you to our monthly CWRT of Eastern Pennsylvania, Inc newsletter. We look forward to having you as a new member! You can e-mail Jeff Gates for additional membership information

Download a copy of our Enlistment Form 

Make checks payable to: CWRT OF EASTERN PENNSYLVANIA, INC Please mail your check, along with your name, address, e-mail address, phone number, and notation regarding membership to the Round Table at:

PO BOX 333

Why Membership Matters?


Bear with me for a moment as I climb up on my soapbox. You’ve hopefully noticed that from our September meeting on I’ve be stressing, some might say droning, about getting folks to join or rejoin our happy Band of History Seekers. Membership matters for a number of different reasons. It helps us plan and carry out our programs. We budgeted on 90 members this year and are currently in the neighborhood of a bit more than 2/3 of that goal. Many of you will remember the gaudy days of the late 1990’s when our membership rose to over 300 souls. Since that time most Round Tables have suffered a decline in membership so although we are not alone we do not have to like or accept that sad fact. I strongly believe and feel you will agree that our programs continue to be excellent. There are speaker costs involved; travel, meals and lodging cannot be avoided and are certainly appropriate. The Holiday Inn has been a wonderful partner, but we do have to promise a minimum attendance for dinner to which we are accountable. Your membership shows commitment. Our organization has been a leader in historic preservation for over 30 years. Your leadership consists of an all-volunteer group of dedicated folks who not only give time and labor, but also out of pocket expenses. These are happily rendered. We feel it is members who are more likely to join us for dinner, members who are more likely to volunteer for projects like the Nisky Hill cannon project, Gettysburg conservation work, attend conferences and field trips. We realize that folks can receive our newsletter which we send electronically from friends or members without joining. Life is full of choices. Membership versus non membership does frankly not offer many tangible differences. We sincerely hope and trust that you can recognize and appreciate the comradeship you receive as a member, the enjoyment of our many programs and activities and most importantly the satisfaction of helping to save and preserve many of our nation’s historic sites. If we are to not only prosper, but to survive we need your continuing support.

Thanks for listening,

Ed Root, Past Brigade Commander