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“The American Civil War on the Homefront” Presented by Mike Jesberger

“The American Civil War on the Homefront”

Presented by Mike Jesberger  - Historical Lecturer, Tour Guide and Reenactor

Join re-enactor and historian Mike Jesberger for a discussion of what it was like for civilians during the American Civil War on the home front and the places in our region that made significant contributions to the war effort. The home front and the battlefront were intimately connected during the Civil War.

North and South families sent loved ones off to fight. While sons, fathers, husbands and brothers were gone, family members waited anxiously for word of their whereabouts and safety. However, during the war, women for the first time in American history turned their attention to the outside world and made significant contributions to the war effort.

Mr. Jesberger is an independent military historian who specializes in the American Revolution and Civil War time periods. He is renowned for his depth and breadth of knowledge , as well as his engaging and passionate presentation style, whether providing formal lectures, living history presentations or tours of historic sites in the Tri-state area.

A member of numerous history based organizations and active in the reenactment community, he participates in numerous battle reenactments, living history programs and ceremonies to honor our first and current veterans.  A lifelong resident of the Philadelphia region, Mr. Jesberger is a native of Northeast Philadelphia and has relocated to Bucks and Montgomery County, PA and currently resides in Lansdale, PA with his wife, Amy, Son, Erik and two daughters, Erin and Emma.