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September Suspense: Lincoln's Union in Peril - presented by Dennis Frye

Frye's latest book, " Antietam Shadows: Mystery, Myth & Machination " has just been released.   Click here for Amazon listing

Frye's latest book, "Antietam Shadows: Mystery, Myth & Machination" has just been released.  Click here for Amazon listing

     September, 1862 was the worst period of Lincoln's presidency. At no other time was the United States closer to a permanent divided states. Confederate armies were conducting offensives along a 1,000 miles front from Mississippi to Maryland. Could Washington be saved from invasion? Could Pennsylvania be protected from Robert E. Lee's Rebels? Could Lincoln find a general that could win? No one knew . . . at that moment, at that time. We will live the drama as it unfolds.
     Dennis E. Frye is the Chief Historian at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park. Dennis has written ten books and 99 articles, with his newest book just released: Antietam Shadows: Mystery, Myth & Machination. His previous book, "September Suspense: Lincoln's Union in Peril," won the Laney prize for best Civil War scholarship. Dennis has appeared in numerous documentaries on PBS, the History Channel, the Travel Channel, A&E, Discovery, CSPAN, Fox News and Voice of America. Dennis helped produce Emmy-award shows on John Brown, Antietam, and Maryland during the Civil War. Dennis is an original founder and past president of two nationally renowned preservation organizations - the Civil War Trust and the Save Historic Antietam Foundation. Dennis also is a battlefield guide in demand, leading tours for the Smithsonian, National Geographic and the New York Times. He and his wife Sylvia have restored General Burnside's post-Antietam headquarters as their residence.
     Dennis will have two books for sale:  the new release (out only 2 weeks) Antietam Shadows: Mystery, Myth & Machination as well as September Suspense: Lincoln's Union in Peril. Special deal for anyone buying both - $35.00 (normal retail would be $48).
       Additional Note: Many of you enjoy arriving at our dinner meeting a little early to partake of comradeship and an adult beverage at the Holiday Inn watering hole. As part of our 40th year Anniversary Celebration Tony Major has arranged for a Cash Bar to be set up in our meeting room. This will allow you to not only enjoy a beverage and also to chat with all who attend. We do have a minimum to meet so if you are so inclined please come straight to the meeting room. Kindly spread the word as I forgot to mention this important information at the May meeting!! If all goes well we might be able to extend this service to our regular meetings. Thank you, Ed