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"Mosby's Leadership" presented by Eric Buckland


Historian Eric Buckland shares the leadership qualities and military exploits of Confederate Colonel John S. Mosby, whose battalion gained notoriety for its raids behind Union lines.

Eric Buckland graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor’s degree in English and a commission as a Second Lieutenant. He spent 22 years in active duty in Special Operations. Eric was involved in engagements in Panama, Honduras, and El Salvador. He believes his military activities provided him a unique understanding of Mosby’s Rangers. Eric Buckland retired as a Lt. Colonel in 1999. Mr. Buckland received a prestigious award, the United Daughters of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis Historical Gold Medal on June 6, 2011 for his work on the 3rd Arkansas Infantry reflected in Mosby’s Keydet Rangers and editing The Millionaire Mosby Ranger, Charles Broadway Rouss. He subsequently received a second Jefferson Davis historical Medal for his series on Mosby’s Men on October 03, 2013.