From the Brigade Commander - November 2017

         From the Brigade Commander: Ed Root
     We’re all familiar with the phrase, “an army moves on its stomach.” Chris Bryce certainly expanded that truism with his wonderful presentation of Grant’s crossing of the James River. The logistics of moving such a large army out of under the very gaze of Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia is an amazing story largely overlooked or underplayed in the telling of the 1864 battles. Thanks to Chris we have a much better understanding of the momentous task taken by Grant and his stalwart men.
     Our dinner meetings are an opportunity for folks to relax and renew old friendships and make new ones. If you have not attended the dinner portion of our meetings please consider doing so. The food and the conversation and the camaraderie are all wonderful. You won’t be disappointed. Bring a friend!
      We continue to celebrate our 40th anniversary all throughout this Campaign. Kay Bagenstose is doing a grand job with prizes and treats at every meeting. Please contact me if you have a particular memory or photo from our past that you wish to share with your fellow Civil Warriors.
     Have you renewed your membership yet? Your support helps us continue to bring excellent speakers before you and ultimately assists in raising funds for the cause of historic preservation. Don’t let Jeff Gates feel lonely at the entrance to the meeting room. He’s a good fellow so stop and chat and reenlist now!
     Our local preservation effort this year at Allentown’s Union and West End Cemetery has been postponed due to scheduling conflicts with the cemetery folks.
     Remember to stop by and see Jim Duffy and Kay Bagenstose and check out our items for our Preservation raffle. We have more prizes than ever to entice your hard earned greenbacks from you. Remember, when it comes to historic Preservation there are no losers; we all have the satisfaction of helping to Save our Historic Sites and Collections!
     SAVE THE DATE!!!! SATURDAY, April 21, 2018. Our annual Gettysburg Brush cutting effort will be held that day. Stay tuned for details as to where we will be working and the post labor reward for service.
     Don’t forget to frequently check our website. There is always something informative and interesting.
     We are seeking help for our publicity effort. Bob McHugh will provide all the info. All we need is someone to help get that information to the various outlets. Please contact me. All members should help spread the word about our organization. The more members, the merrier!
     We have a member who lives in the Catasauqua area who would love to attend a meeting, but needs a ride. Please contact me if you are able to help!
     Those of you who attended our Americans at War Conference last year will remember Colonel Ward Nickisch’s wonderful talk about the work of the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency. These amazing and dedicated people 2 travel the world wherever Americans have fallen and have either not been found or have been recovered, but not identified. To have died in the service of our nation is the ultimate sacrifice, but to be “lost” to family members and friends is even more tragic. My wife and I have just returned from visiting the facility in Oahu, Hawaii where incredible work is done to find and identify these American heroes and truly bring them home. As we approach Veterans Day and express our gratitude to those who have served this nation let us resolve to never forget the ones we couldn’t bring home and the never ending task to do so. I’ll tell you more about these amazing people who dedicate their days to bring them home at our November meeting. Please check out the DPAA website at to learn more.
     See you on November 7th when we welcome David Dixon and his fascinating account of “the Lost Gettysburg Address.”
     Ed Root 610-417-6673

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