From the Brigade Commander - December 2017

From the Brigade Commander: Ed Root
     Who knew? Isn’t it amazing how new scholarship results in new information that adds to our knowledge of our Late Unpleasantness? Who knew that Charles Anderson, son of an aide to Lafayette, brother of Fort Sumter’s Robert, friend of R.E. Lee gave a speech at Gettysburg on November 19, 1863? Now those of you who attended the November meeting know! Much gratitude is due to David Dixon for sharing the story of “The Lost Gettysburg Address.”

     We have been gathering at the Holiday Inn now for almost two years. Those of you who join us for dinner each month have experienced the good food, excellent service and resulting camaraderie that develops from chatting over a good meal. If you have not attended the dinner portion of our meetings please consider doing so. Bring a friend!

     Our trip to Gettysburg on October 28th to visit the “Lost Ave” with Dean Shultz was a grand success. So much so that the attendees donated $150 to the Land Conservancy of Adams County as a token of appreciation and our CWRT matched that with another $150. Thanks so much to Wayne Schaeffer, Claire Kukielka and Barry Arnold for all their hard work arranging the trip!

     You’ve noticed by now the treats brought every meeting by our Adjutant, Kay Bagenstose, as we celebrate our 40th Anniversary. Please note that all calories have been surgically removed for your snacking enjoyment! Let Kay know how much you appreciate her effort!

     Your membership dues are the foundation for our financial success each year. There are few places in this world where $25 can result in such a positive experience. So, if YOU haven’t reenlisted yet, get going and bring a friend! Don’t let Jeff Gates feel lonely at the entrance to the meeting room. He’s a very sensitive fellow and will feel sad if you pass him by.

     Remember to stop by and see Jim Duffy and Kay Bagenstose and check out our items for our Preservation raffle. We have more prizes than ever to entice your hard earned greenbacks from you. Remember, when it comes to historic Preservation there are no losers; we all have the satisfaction of helping to Save our Historic Sites and Collections!

     Don’t forget to frequently check our website. There is always something informative and interesting. Paul Bartlett does a great job keeping things fresh.

     Rev. John Berntsen has stepped up and will be helping out Program Chair Bob McHugh with our publicity effort. It is imperative that we reach out and find folks interested in American history and bring he or she into the fold. Any organization not growing is failing. There is no such thing as standing still. Onward and upward!! All members should help spread the word about our organization. The more members, the merrier! Thanks John!

     We have a member who lives in the Catasauqua area who would love to attend a meeting, but needs a ride. Please contact me if you are able to help!

     See you on December 5th when we welcome old friend Tim Smith and “Early Photography of the Gettysburg Battlefield.”

Ed Root 610-417-6673

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