From the Brigade Commander ~ November 2018

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  The regiment was the building block of every Civil War Army and the individual soldier “is” the regiment. This basic fact is sometimes overlooked in the grand scheme of the strategic and tactical movements of thousands upon thousands of combatants. David Ward did a wonderful job bringing the men of the 96th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry alive for us at our October meeting. Much gratitude is also due to Gary Weaver for bringing the flag of the 96th reenactment group to our meeting.  

     We have a number of items that have been donated over time that do not quite meet our book raffle guide lines so some will be available at very reasonable prices at the Sign In table. 

     At recent meeting we have encouraged those who can’t attend the dinner portion of our gathering to move forward from the “walk in” section of the room to better hear and see the speaker. Once the meal is over we’ll announce when it’s appropriate to move your chair or find an empty spot at one of the tables. The choice is yours so sit wherever you are comfortable. We want all attendees to get the best experience from each program.

     I will be meeting on November 2nd with Caitlin Brown at Gettysburg and expect to announce at our November meeting the conservation work site for our annual effort. (Saturday, April 27, 2019). Wherever we end up working we will have fun, it will be a beautiful day and the Gettysburg Battlefield will benefit from our effort. Be a part of this wonderful day!

     Our Tri-fold Meeting and Speakers information sheets are a wonderful way to spread the word about our meetings and Programs. Please help us grow by doing your part to get our message out into the community!!! 

     I’ll give you one more chance to play the Devil’s Dictionary Game. Find one of Ambrose Bierce’s fantastic word definitions hidden in our website, email me with the word and receive 3 free raffle tickets to our book raffle at the November meeting. It’s not hard, try it, you’ll like it and I’ll stop whining. It’s a win win people!

     This month we welcome back one of the foremost scholars of our American Experience, Gordon Rhea! He is an old friend of our Round Table who last visited in 2004 if memory serves. His most recent book, On to Petersburg: Grant and Lee, June 4 – 15, 1864 belongs on every Civil War student’s bookshelf as did his previous studies on the Overland Campaign. We look forward to all members and friends being present for his latest visit to the Lehigh Valley.     

     Dues are overdue! Send your $25.00 check (It’s ok to send more if you’re so inclined!) to our PO Box 333, Allentown, PA 18105. See Paymaster Jeff Gates at the November meeting.

                             Ed Root   610-417-6673