From the Brigade Commander ~ December 2018

From the Brigade Commander


     If any of you missed our November meeting you missed an excellent evening with Gordon Rhea. He is one of the preeminent historians and authors of our day. His series of offerings on the Overland Campaign of 1864 are wonderful. Some folks are great writers but not polished speakers. Gordon tops the list on both accounts. If you don’t have his most recent book, On to Petersburg: Grant and Lee, June 4-15 1864 run out and treat yourself for the Holiday Season. Gordon’s analysis of Grant and Lee was both entertaining and informative. Special thanks to those members who assisted financially in bringing Mr Rhea to the Lehigh Valley.  

     We have a number of items that have been donated over time that do not quite meet our book raffle guide lines so some will be available at very reasonable prices at the Sign In table. With the holidays fast approaching there are some wonderful gift choices! 

     At recent meeting we have encouraged those who can’t attend the dinner portion of our gathering to move forward from the “walk in” section of the room to better hear and see the speaker. Once the meal is over we’ll announce when it’s appropriate to move your chair or find an empty spot at one of the tables. The choice is yours so sit wherever you are comfortable. We want all attendees to get the best experience from each program.

     I announced at the November meeting that the site of our Gettysburg conservation work on April 27th will be at the John Slyder Farm. See information concerning this fun and important event further on in this newsletter.                                                                                                  

     Our Tri-fold Meeting and Speakers information sheets are a wonderful way to spread the word about our meetings and Programs. Please help us grow by doing your part to get our message out into the community!!! 

     Bill Frankenfield has graciously donated 4 general admission tickets to the National Museum of the Civil War Medicine sites. These include the National Museum of Civil War Medicine in Frederick, MD, the Clara Barton Missing Soldiers Office Museum in Washington, DC and the Pry House Hospital Museum on Antietam National Battlefield. Your Board of Directors will be working on the best way to determine how this gift should be utilized.

     Thanks to everyone who responded to our monthly contest on a word definition from Ambrose Bierce’s Devil’s Dictionary. Remember, the first person who finds the word and definition in our website and emails me receives 3 free book raffle tickets at our December meeting.

     Dues are overdue! Send your $25.00 check (It’s ok to send more if you’re so inclined!) to our PO Box 333, Allentown, PA 18105. See Paymaster Jeff Gates at the December meeting.

     Please join us on December 4th when Rich Rosenthal will present, “Civil War Women of Compassion, Courage and Grit.” See you then!

                             Ed Root   610-417-6673