From the Brigade Commander ~ June 2018

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     “Voices from the Attic.” Isn’t it amazing that new and significant information is still being discovered all these years after “The Late Unpleasantness.” Who knows what treasures still lay hidden in the attics and closets of America? Carleton Young sure found out and we applaud his wonderful research and thank him for sharing the story of Henry and Francis Martin. Their letters certainly add to our knowledge and understanding of the period and of those who lived and died in that defining time of American history.

     Our 40th year of study and working to preserve America’s historic treasures is drawing to a close. The George Seligman Dinner on June 5th honors the man who led a small group of history students from the wilderness of meeting in a room at the Allentown Courthouse to the promised land of dinner meetings with wonderful speakers, field trips to places we had only read about and to the necessary and critical work of helping to save for posterity America’s historic lands and collections. No matter if you’ve been with us for days or years we thank you for sharing in this journey of comradeship and discovery.  George’s knowledge, humor and organizational skills put us on the path for 40 years of learning and enjoyment of history and each other’s company.

     What better way to celebrate than to bring Dennis Frye to speak on June 5th. Antietam and Dennis are synonymous. His passion for history and historic preservation is known by all students of the Civil War. We announced at the May meeting that Dennis will lead us on October 20th on a tour of the portion of the Antietam battlefield associated with Ambrose Burnside’s assault.  We will visit some areas most folks never get to see and understand the struggle from both the Union and Confederate perspectives. If you’ve ever been on tour with Dennis, you most likely have already signed on for the October 20 tour. It will be a day to remember. We’re working out all the logistics so the sooner you let us know of your interest the better job we can do to prepare for this event.

     It’s difficult to fathom but our 40th Anniversary year is fast coming to a close. Barry Arnold and Kay Bagenstose continue to enhance our meetings with our special raffles. Please let them know how much you appreciate the hard work that goes into Barry’s photographs and Kay’s surprise raffle.

     Please Please Please frequently review our website at Paul Bartlett does a great job keeping things fresh.

     The time of the year for prime battlefield trekking is right around the corner. We have been fortunate that a number of folks have donated to the Round Table many maps that will make any such trip much more meaningful. At our June meeting we will have a special table full of such maps. Take as many as you wish. All we ask is for a donation of your choosing in return. Special thanks to Bill Frankenfield and Mike Snyder for giving us many of these maps.

     It has been a privilege to stand before you each month at our dinner meetings. Look around you and notice all those who make our meetings or events a success. Barry Arnold, Paul Bartlett, Rev. John Berntsen, Kay Bagenstose, Chuck Cannon, Mike Cavanaugh, Carol Detweiler, Jim Duffy, Bill Frankenfield, Jeff Gates, Kim Jacobs, Claire Kukielka, Rev. Craig Landis, Tony Major, Bob McHugh, Sherri Miller, Ed Oechsle, Joe Riggs, Wayne Schaeffer, Dr. Gerry Sherwin, and Frank Whelan. If I have forgotten you please chalk it up to an aging mind rather than any intentional slight. Thanks to all those who attend our monthly meetings for without you all of this is meaningless. Thanks also to those who are unable to attend, but support the organization financially. THANK YOU ALL!!

Ed Root   610-417-6673