Annual Karl Lehr Dinner: A legacy of honor, commitment and generosity

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September 04, 2018

Annual Karl Lehr Dinner: A legacy of honor, commitment and generosity.

As we enter our 41st year we remember Karl Lehr who was truly a renaissance man. He was a teacher, veteran of World War II, a preservationist and a philanthropist. During his time as a member of our Round Table he served our organization in many capacities. His commitment to historic preservation was accomplished through voice, labor and monetary contributions. Karl led a full life and his passing in 2009 at the age of 93 years generated a final gift that will continue to benefit future generations of our great land. A combination of his bequest to our Round Table and matching grants from leading Civil War preservation organizations brought $463,000 to the cause of historic preservation in 2011. It is because of people like Karl Lehr that our organization became well known and respected in historic preservation circles. We honor Karl’s memory each September at our “Karl Lehr Memorial Dinner.”