From the Brigade Commander ~ February 2019


          The phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” never rang truer than it did at our January meeting. Much thanks to Chris Heisey for his informative and entertaining presentation. Our country’s battlefields came alive through his wonderful photographs. We were pleased to send a $50.00 donation to the American Battlefield Trust in his name. Battlefield trekking lessons learned from Chris; stay off the railroad tracks at Thoroughfare Gap and beware of sinkholes at Ball’s Bluff. If you don’t know what that means then shame on you for missing a great meeting.

     At the January meeting I mentioned that we had a complete 28 volume set of the Time Life Civil War Encyclopedia that we wished to donate to a school, library or other facility where they would be appreciated and utilized. I am happy to report that thanks to Tony Major, Legend of Allentown Senior Living has taken the set for placement in its library. Thanks also to Marie Maly and Bob McHugh for investigating possible homes for the set.

      I know we have a few slackers out there who have not as yet re-enlisted for this Campaign. Please see Jeff Gates at the February meeting or suffer the consequences! Seriously, we need and appreciate your continuing support!

     We have partnered with the Southern Lehigh Public Library in the past supporting their Civil War programs. On Monday, April 15 at 7PM Alisa Dupuy will present a first-person impression of Clara Barton. More information will be forthcoming, but please save the date as this will be an excellent program.

     You should all be aware that the site of our Gettysburg conservation work on April 27th will be at the John Slyder Farm. No excuses for missing this important work day. There is something for everyone, painting, fencing, brush cutting or just standing around critiquing the work done by others. We’ll have fun, learn about that portion of the battlefield and help preserve and conserve our nation’s historic land! A sign-up sheet will be at the February meeting.

     Preservation efforts come by all sort of ways and means. The Civil War Memorial in downtown Allentown at 7th and Hamilton has been bathed in garish multi colored lights. While appropriate to draw attention to this memorial by lights, purple and pink seem rather more festive than respectful. Check out our website for Frank Whelan’s letter to city fathers asking for some respect for those who served so long ago. Well done Frank! www.cwrt

     Claire and Barry worked long and hard to set up the field trip to Harrisburg’s wonderful Civil War Museum. Those who went on this trip on January 26th were able to view some of the treasures behind the scenes thanks to Wayne Motts. Please let Claire and Barry know how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication on behalf of our organization.

     Please join us on February 5th when Dr. Cheryl Renee Gooch will present, “Hinsonville’s Heroes” Last August Kay, Kim and I attended the Civil War Round Table Congress in Harrisburg where we met Dr. Gooch. You are in for a real treat! You won’t want to miss this program! See you on the 5th!

                             Ed Root   610-417-6673