From the Brigade Commander ~ March 2019

From the Brigade Commander 

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     It is doubtful that any of us had ever heard of Hinsonville, Pennsylvania or her heroes prior to our February meeting. Now, thanks to Dr. Cheryl Gooch, ably complimented by her associate Robert Ford, we know a great deal about these men and their times. One of the wonderful things about our organization is that we all learn something from each presentation. It doesn’t matter if one has studied this period of history for decades or if one is just beginning the journey of discovery, there is always something we each can take away from a meeting. Dr. Gooch gave us something more and that is perspective. None of us can personally truly understand the tragedy of slavery and the quest for freedom and the impact on family for generations. Because of Dr. Gooch’s visit we certainly came away with a better appreciation for the people who endured and triumphed over this evil.

     It was great to see Brigade Paymaster Jim Duffy and his wife Dee at the February meeting as he continues his recovery from surgery. He looked super and we can’t wait until he’s back full time.

     I hope you had some fun with my dinner time trivia quiz. I had thought it was somewhat difficult, but Paul Bartlett quickly figured out that the connection between Harriet Tubman, William Seward and Emory Upton was that they all reside in Fort Hill Cemetery in Auburn, NY. Paul was the winner of a booklet of tickets for our June Preservation Raffle. You don’t have to wait to win a quiz to join that worthy effort for the cause of historic preservation.  We have some wonderful prizes so check out the table as you enter each meeting.  

      Please don’t make me continue to whine about the few folks who have not renewed membership in our happy band of history students. I know we have a few slackers out there who have not as yet re-enlisted for this Campaign. You know who you are, but if you’ve lost your mind and are unsure please see Jeff Gates at the March meeting. We need and appreciate your continuing support!

     Bill Frankenfield was kind enough to donate 4 tickets to the combined museums at the Pry House at Antietam, The National Museum of CW Medicine in Frederick, MD & Clara Barton’s Missing Soldiers Office in Washington, DC.  These will be raffled off in two different pairs at our April 2nd meeting.

     We have partnered with the Southern Lehigh Public Library in the past supporting their Civil War programs. On Monday, April 15 at 7PM. Alisa Dupuy will present a first-person impression of Clara Barton. The program is free, but reservations are required as seating is limited. More information will be forthcoming, but please save the date as this will be an excellent program.

     You should all be aware that the site of our Gettysburg conservation work on April 27th will be at the John Slyder Farm. No excuses for missing this important work day. There is something for everyone, painting, fencing, brush cutting or just standing around critiquing the work done by others. We’ll have fun, learn about that portion of the battlefield and help preserve and conserve our nation’s historic land! A sign-up sheet will be at the March meeting.

     The Campaign year is going by all too quickly as it always does and soon it will be time for our annual election of Officers and Board Directors.  We currently have volunteers for all position but one and that is Brigade Commander. For any organization to be healthy, to be successful and in fact survive it is imperative that new leadership step forward from time to time to offer fresh perspectives. It’s easy to become stale if the same folks run everything for extended periods.  I have been honored to have been a member of this fine organization since 1978 and have served in most positions during that time. I have seen us grow from a handful of buffs meeting in the old Allentown Courthouse to one of the most known and respected Round Tables in the country. This group has been a large part of my life for more than half of that life. Like most of you, I am involved in many organizations and have suffered from the “no good turn goes unpunished syndrome of volunteerism.” It is time for me to move on. I sincerely hope for the continued success and survival of our group that one of you will answer the call. I’ll be more than happy to meet with anyone personally to offer my advice and experience and answer any questions about the position. As Uncle Sam once said, “I Want You!”

     Please join us on March 5th as Ted Alexander, a long-time friend of our Round Table, will present Ethnics in the Confederacy. See you on the 5th!

                             Ed Root   610-417-6673