From the Brigade Commander - June 2019


From the Brigade Commander

     Michael Shaffer certainly gave us a wonderful glimpse into the life and times of Confederate cavalryman Thomas Colley. It is amazing that new material still comes to light a century and a half after the Civil War. Beyond the statistics of numbers and logistics the human element remains and is indeed a compelling story. Thanks to people like Michael we continue to learn about the people and the times that tore apart our nation.

     Our partnership with the Southern Lehigh Public Library was in the spotlight on April 15 as Alisa Dupuy preformed a first-person presentation as Clara Barton. Over 70 people attended including many of our members.  We also donated books which were raffled for the benefit of the library.

     As reported at the May meeting our Gettysburg conservation and preservation effort on April 27 was a resounding success.  Fifty volunteers consisting of Round Table members with family members and friends as well as Bob McHugh’s students from Saucon Valley High School and scouts from Boy Scout Troop 786 in Whitehall painted fences and rebuilt other fencing on the Slyder Farm. Caitlin Brown, the Park Volunteer Coordinator and Ranger did a marvelous job not only explaining the ebb and flow of the battle over the land, but also the story of struggle for the Slyder family during and after those awful days.           

     Our 41st year of study and work to preserve America’s historic treasures is drawing to a close. The George Seligman Dinner on June 4th honors the man who led a small group of history students from the wilderness of meeting in a room at the old Allentown Courthouse to the promised land of dinner meetings with wonderful speakers, field trips to places we had only read about and to the necessary and critical work of helping to save for posterity America’s historic lands and collections. No matter if you’ve been with us for days or years, we thank you for sharing in this journey of comradeship and discovery.  George’s knowledge, humor and organizational skills put us on the path for our 40 plus years of learning and enjoyment of history and each other’s company. George was a strong personality and could had stayed as Brigade Commander without challenge as long as he wished. He knew, however, that a flow of new leadership was and is in the best interest of our and any organization and encouraged others to step forward and take that responsibility. Our June meeting is also where we install our officers and Board members for the next Campaign.  It has been my honor and pleasure to have been Brigade Commander these past three years.  I know you will support Barry and his team as well!

     Brigade Commander – Barry Arnold
     Regimental Commander – Bob McHugh
     Company Commander – Claire Kukielka
     Paymaster – Jim Duffy
     Adjutant – Kay Bagenstose
     Directors, term ending June 2021 – Neil Coddington & Kim Jacobs
     Directors, continuing, term ending June 2020 – Bill Frankenfield & Frank Whelan

          Please join us on June 4th as Kenneth Serfass will attend as General U.S. Grant.

                             Ed Root   610-417-6673