2019–2020 CWRT of Eastern PA Preservation Raffle


2019–2020 Preservation Raffle

Once again, we have an excellent array of 8 prizes which will be awarded at our June 2, 2020 meeting. We will follow last year’s format in which the first winner gets to select from all eight items.  Each additional winner will then select from the items remaining. 

Our Board felt that this was a better method rather than assigning prizes to each drawing.

Historic Preservation of our sites and collections is a significant part of our Mission as an organization. There are no losers when one donates to the cause of Historic Preservation.

Tickets are sold in booklets of ten for $5.00 and are available at every meeting.

  1.  Appomattox Surrender Signing Print by Tom Lovell

  2.  Robert E Lee pencil sketch by George S. Parrish, Jr - signed & numbered

  3. Union “General Service” Coat Button Display excavated in area of Chancellorsville Battlefield (mounted & donated by Barry Arnold)

  4. The Life of Billy Yank and The Life of Johnny Reb by Bell Irvin Wiley (2 Volume Boxed Set)

  5. Stonewall Jackson, The Legend and the Man & Stonewall Jackson, Seven Days to the Last March by Lenoir Chambers (2 Volume Boxed Set)

  6. The American Heritage Picture History of the Civil War (2 Volume Boxed Set)

  7. The Civil War by Shelby Foote (3 Volume Set)

  8. Grand and Lee, The Virginia Campaigns, 1864-1865 by William Frassanito (Signed Copy)