Revolutionary War Round Table Presentation


Our September 18, 2019 event topic will be: “America’s Premier Surveyor: The Life and Times of Andrew Ellicott” And our guest speaker will be our own Lorna Hainesworth. 

Lorna is Ambassador and National Traveler, Lifetime Member of the Surveyors Historical Society, the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation and founding member of the Lewis and Clark Trust, Inc.

During his lifetime 1759-1820, Andrew Ellicott was the premier land surveyor in the United States. He was called upon to perform many significant surveys such at the completion of the Mason/Dixon Line and the original survey of area designated to become our nation’s capital. He also carried forth the design for the city of Washington D. C.

He surveyed the borders of no less than eleven of our current or future states and he surveyed both the northern and southern boundaries of the United States. He served as a mentor for Meriwether Lewis and became a professor of mathematics at West Point Military Academy. These are but a few of the accomplishments from a very eventful life.

Learn more about this extraordinary man who made his home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania from 1801 to 1813 in a house that miraculously still stands.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the 18th at Lafayette College, 53 College Drive, the OESCHLE Building.  Parking is free across the street from the building.