THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT in Saving Gettysburg!

We won! Gettysburg and Adams County finally have a buffer zone against casinos!

Adams County Chooses No Casino: 20 of 21 Townships, 11 of 13 Boroughs opt out of hosting a Casino.

The remaining township, Conewago, votes this Thursday 12/21 at 11AM at 541 Oxford Ave., Hanover, PA. Conewago is next to Hanover and previously decided NOT to opt out but have decided to re-visit their decision. They may not opt out but we are still quite happy with the results.

Statement by No Casino Gettysburg chair Susan Paddock:

Over the last 12 years, the people of Adams County have fought off every category of casino and now have opted out of the PA legislature’s bad idea. We are so grateful that Gettysburg and the hallowed ground surrounding it are protected. No Casino Gettysburg is ready to retire! 


The Pa gambling expansion bill signed 10/31/17 calls for 10 satellite “Category 4” casinos (up to 750 slots and 50 table games) to be awarded to the highest bidder. The auction winner selects their location. The law allows municipalities to opt out of having a casino in their municipality by adopting a resolution before Dec 31, 2017. If they do not opt-out, they will not be able to say no later. However, they can say “yes” later. This action by the borough or township is the only remaining opportunity for municipal leaders to prevent a casino in their neighborhood.

Here are 2 news stories about it. http://www.pennlive.com/politics/index.ssf/2017/12/not_in_my_backyard_if_you_dont.html


No Casino Gettysburg has been fighting casino proposals for the Gettysburg Area since 2005. The first three proposals were from a local developer, David LeVan. In 2005 he proposed a Stand-alone casino in Straban Township. In 2010 he proposed a “resort casino” in the Eisenhower Inn, in Cumberland Township. Neither the first or second proposal ever received a single yes vote from the PGCB. From PGCB reasons for rejecting Crossroads:

“The Gettysburg area itself is primarily a rural area without large population centers nearby to sustain the casino”… “During the public input hearings in April and May,2006, community group representatives and individual members of the community testified overwhelmingly in opposition to the project. Opposition was strongest in relation to the proximity of the casino to the historic Gettysburg battlefield areas and the effect the casino would have on the traditionally rural nature of the community.”

The third proposal from LeVan was in 2017 for a harness racing track and casino in Freedom Township. The citizens demanded a referendum. The day that was approved, Mr. LeVan withdrew his application, citing uncertainty regarding the new gaming law. The referendum, held on Nov. 6, 2017, resulted in 80% of citizens voting against a racetrack in the township.

Just before the vote, PA’s Gambling Expansion Law was passed.

Having most of the County opt out provides the buffer zone we needed to protect the historic treasure of Gettysburg. THANK YOU for YOUR support throughout these 12 years.This is our last e-mail! Happy Holidays!

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world: indeed it's the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead