We have been recogonized by the Civil War Trust

January 20, 2017


CWRT of Eastern Pennsylvania Inc. PO Box 333

Allentown, Pennsylvania   18105-0333

Dear CWRT of Eastern Pennsylvania Inc.,

You, my friends are true heroes of preservation! It is my extraordinary privilege to recognize you as part of our most esteemed recognition group here at the Civil War Trust: The Top 300. In terms of cumulative giving amount, you are among our top 300 lifetime donors - in the history of our 16 years in battlefield preservation. Thank You!

When it comes down to it though we do our best to secure grants and work with government entities for funding, we can only preserve land if we have the money with which to purchase it. In total, our Top 300 members have given over $81 Million to the Trust -all in the name of battlefield preservation. That's equal to a third of all of the money we've raised, ever. Truly amazing.

 Your generosity to the Trust reflects your patriotism and your vision for the future. On behalf of all future generations of Americans, I thank you! As a small token of my thanks, I 'm enclosing a series of postcards featuring battlefields that you have helped save -just a sampling of the more than 44,000 acres we've saved in 23 states, at I23 battlefields across the country. I hope that as you look at these images, and use these postcards, you will be proud of the difference you are making.

 It is my honor to partner with you in this historic effort. We look forward to working closely with you as we continue the fight to save even more hallowed ground.  Andas always, pleaselet me knowif thereis anythingIcan do for you.

 Your friend in preservation,

Jim Lighthizer President