Gettysburg "Brush" Cutting - Saturday April 22, 2017

 Chuck Cannon   Alyce Evans  Dick Jacoby

Our conservation effort at Gettysburg NMP in April will be certainly something different but also very exciting. We are giving brush cutting a whole new definition. On November 3rd Chuck Cannon, Dick Jacoby and I met with Alyce Evans who is responsible for conservation planning and work at the park. As you know, our Round Table has always been had a special role in the work there. We have been the Park’s group that always rushes in to do whatever is needed regardless of where. This year our brush work will be literally be with brushes, paint brushes to be specific. We will be painting newly installed fences on the Eisenhower Farm. These fences have just replaced worn and rotted fences and have received a primer coat to get through the winter. The finish coat is up to us. The park will supply all needed materials. So whether you’re young or old, short or tall there will be a section of fence just waiting for you.

As always we try to have a program for our volunteers as an extra reward for your work. Alyce was a seasonal ranger at the Eisenhower Farm for 12 years and knows all things about the general, his time in Gettysburg in WWI and the farm and his life after WWII. Her Master’s work was entitled “Regrettable Epidemic, The 1918 Influenza in Gettysburg and Camp Colt.” We expect a large group and want to plan for a tour of the farm house after we finish work so please let me know of you interest in participating. All of us have been to the battlefield many times over the years. We feel many of you may have never taken the time to explore and learn about Eisenhower and his farm. This is your opportunity!!


Editor's Note:

     The day was a great success. Thank you to all who participated. Here are some pictures of  the day of "brushing" at the Eisenhower Farm and the tour of the house.