Annual George Seligman Installation Dinner ~ June 6, 2017

June 6th is our annual Seligman Dinner. As George Seligman passed away in 1985, many of you never had the pleasure to have known George. Every organization has one member who leaves an indelible imprint. George was an Air Force veteran and was in the insurance business. He was always cheerful and didn’t have a shy bone in his body. It was George who led a small group of Civil War history enthusiasts from the rather formal setting of the Lehigh County Court House to the promised land of monthly dinner meetings and a membership that grew from dozens to hundreds. George, while our gregarious leader, always prodded others into the front, always encouraged others to step up and share the responsibility and the fun of being part of this wonderful round table. George loved to keep things loose and nary a meeting went by without someone being picked on in a loving and caring manner. In fact, it was an honor to be so chosen. He made it clear that we were all students of history, that some may be very knowledgeable and others novices, but the point was that even the most serious and knowing could and did learn from the novice. George loved the story of Joshua Chamberlain and the 20th Maine at Gettysburg in a time long before the Ken Burn’s series made him a household name. Our success over the years is due in great part to the foundation and standard that George set. Tonight we remember and honor him.