From the Brigade Commander ~ May 2018

From the Brigade Commander


     Most of us, since we live in the eastern portion of the country, have the most interest in the events and personalities that occurred in our “backyard.” So it’s fascinating and refreshing to have a program about what happened in the Western Theater. Dave Bastian shared his thoughts and research about what took place along the mighty Mississippi during the Late Unpleasantness. If you missed his program about Grant’s Canal you missed an excellent one!

      It’s difficult to fathom but our 40th Anniversary year is fast coming to a close. Barry Arnold and Kay Bagenstose continue to enhance our meetings with our special raffles. Please let them know how much you appreciate the hard work that goes into Barry’s photographs and Kay’s surprise raffle.

      I sincerely hope it’s safe to say that the threat of snow no longer looms as a menace, but that doesn’t mean that you should not frequently look at our website. We add news items and events all the time that should be an interest to all. Please, Please, Please frequently review our site at Paul Bartlett does a great job keeping things fresh.

     The Nomination Report for Officers and Directors for the 2018-19 Campaign is listed this newsletter. If you are interesting in serving our organization and would like to be considered for a position please see Joe Riggs. Nominations will be accepted from the floor prior to the vote at the May meeting.

     If you are one of the few recalcitrant souls who have not reenlisted in our happy band of history students you can avoid everlasting shame by seeing Jeff Gates and bringing your membership up to date. Your membership is important and much appreciated and you have no vote if you are not a member! Don’t make me send out the Provost Guard to track you down………

     Just a reminder…Our conservation work at Gettysburg has been scheduled for April 21. Always a great day. Thanks to all our volunteers!

     The time of the year for prime battlefield trekking is right around the corner. We have been fortunate that a number of folks have donated to the Round Table many maps that will make any such trip much more meaningful. At our May and June meetings we will have a special table full of such maps. Take as many as you wish. All we ask is for a donation of your choosing in return. Special thanks to Bill Frankenfield and Mike Snyder for giving us many of these maps.

     Our May 1 meeting with Carleton Young will once again remind everyone that one never knows what is hiding in the recesses of our attics, basements and garages. You will not want to miss his story about two young soldiers from Vermont. Please join us for dinner if your schedule permits. You will find the camaraderie and food well worth your time.

Ed Root   610-417-6673