Gettysburg Preservation Efforts (aka Brush Cutting) ~ Saturday, April 21, 2018


Gettysburg Preservation Efforts
(aka Brush Cutting)
Saturday, April 21, 2018


I want to make you all aware of some logistical changes with regard to our work site and vehicle parking.

The Spangler property consisting of the house, barn and outbuildings is along a trail used by horse tours. The area near the barn where I was planning on parking needs to be clear for horse groups to gather; consequently the parking will be limited to only those with limited mobility issues. They NPS folks want the rest of us to enter the farm either off of the Emmitsburg Road as a drop off or from West Confederate Ave.

     #1 The front entrance off of the Emmitsburg Road will be marked with orange cones and can be used to drop people off by the house and for handicapped parking. It will be best if you can park in the National Cemetery Parking lot on the Taneytown Road and shuttle/carpool from there. The driver can then park on West Confederate Avenue. (remember that West Confederate is one way South so after drop off the driver will need to swing back through town to access West Confederate off of West Middle Street)
     # 2 Take West Middle Street through town and turn left when you reach West Confederate Ave. West Confederate Ave is one way south and the path to the Spangler Farm is about 500 yards south of the Virginia Memorial on the left side of the road. The path will be marked with orange cones. Parking is available along the right side of the road. (All four tires must be on road when parking) The distance to the work site from the road along the path is about 200 yards. This area is low and does get wet so it could be a muddy walk.

At the bottom if this post, Caitlin Brown, who is the NPS Volunteer Coordinator, has provided a google map of the site showing both the Emmitsburg and West Confederate access points. ll give you a better perspective of everything. I have also attached a larger map of the Gettysburg battlefield.

I don't feel this should cause any undue hardship, but if any of you feel this is a problem just let me know. We're all volunteers so no harm no foul if you can't make it for any reason.

The CWRT will provide cold H2O.  Caitlin will give a program after our work which should be around 12:30-1pm. Bring your lunch and eat while you work or have a late lunch after the program. Bring work gloves, trimmers etc if you have them. The NPS will provide all the painting equipment and trimmers but as we will have a large group anything you bring will help. Gas powered trimmers are permitted, chain saws are NOT. 


Spring has sprung and that means we will once again be helping conserve and preserve the Gettysburg Battlefield. As you know our Round Table was one of the first organizations to volunteer for “Brush Cutting” at Gettysburg NMP. We’ve been doing this for well over 20 years. For most of that time we have been a “Fire Brigade” going wherever the need was the greatest.  Our success in recent years is due in great part to our expanded Civil War Round Table family. In addition to our regular members and their families Bob McHugh brings students from Saucon Valley HS, John Duffy (Jim’s brother) leads the Boy Scouts of Troop 89 and Pat Matthews brings a contingent from the Whitehall Historical Society.

    This year we will work at the Henry Spangler Farm (999 Emittsburg Rd) located on the right (west) side Emmitsburg Road as you head south from town. (the entrance is a dirt road and will be marked with an orange cone; if you get to the Peach Orchard you’ve gone too far!) The property is about 300 yards west of the road and consists of a house, smoke house and barn. Kemper’s Brigade of Pickett’s Division organized near here for the assault on July 3, 1863. As in previous years we have something for all ages and abilities. There will be brush cutting around fence lines, some fences will need rebuilding and for the artistic there is a picket fence that needs painting. We’ll also need drivers if none of the above fits your job description capabilities.

Logistics Guidelines:  If you wish to carpool meet at the Holiday Inn around 6:45. Claire Kukielka will be on hand to help coordinate. You need to leave no later than 7AM to arrive at the worksite by 9AM.

Weather, weather, weather. We all talk about it and can’t do a darn thing about it. Because of our numbers and multiple groups who participate it’s more than a daunting task to reschedule so unless the NPS cancels we’re on! It is imperative that I have your contact info in the event I need to relate any last minute developments.

There will be a bathroom on site. (porta potty)

We’ll work from about 9AM until 12:30 or so. Bring your lunch and eat on the job or wait until everything is done and go into town. As a reward for your service one of the NPS staff will relate the history of the property and fighting there when we complete our tasks.

Wear appropriate work clothes. Bug spray and poison ivy protection may make you more comfortable. The NPS will provide tools and paint equipment but you may bring your own gloves and trimmer if you wish.

Bottom line is that we are all volunteers so nobody will be docked if you arrive a minute late or leave a tad early. We have fun, learn about the site during the battle and help the Park. That is what’s known as a win win!

Ed Root –